For Men

This is for you, if… 

You want to become a better lover for YOU 
(and your partner)

You want to feel more energized – 
gain presence and confidence 

You want to ignite your sexual potential as a man – be passionate & find your purpose 

You want to overcome premature ejaculation, low libido, sex or porn addiction…

You want to awaken your sexual energy
– become successful in life

You struggle with low self-esteem
– lost in the bedroom

You are feeling shy or shame in sexuality 
 – looking for support 

You want to learn conscious self-pleasuring and ignite intimacy within & with others

You want to learn how to master your ejaculation (have voluntary one)

You want to learn about human sexuality – embark on a tantric journey

What will be covered? 

Introduction to Tantra & Sexual Mastery

Free 5-day online training that will support you to awaken your pleasure potential, power and confidence beyond the bedroom. 

You will learn tools how to be embody your confident yet vulnerable self.

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Introduction to Tantra

What is tantra? 
How you can practice tantric sex? 
What daily rituals you can do to support your body-mind-soul towards awakening and healing. 


Breath is the gateway between the body and mind. I’ll teach you the best sexual breathing practices so you will never run out of breath when you need the most it! (bang) 

PC muscle activation

You show up to the gym regulary, right? Now it’s time to show up in the bedroom and  working those sexy “love making muscles” for ultimate pleasure and stamina. 

Ejaculation Mastery

The story of you and your (cock) power.  Are you using your sexual energy to call in, create, manifest or you are wasting it away? Ejaculation control is your sexual power tool to keep any women open and willing. 

Mindful masturbation

The way you show up for your own self pleasure ritual, tells a lot about the way you love yourself and others. Let’s rewire your masturbation habits to ditch addiction, release shame and fill you up with more freedom & magnitsm.   

Better Self Awareness & Sexual Mastery 

I’m passionate to share my knowledge and support for those who interested in sacred sexuality to evolve.

This course is the introduction to tantric journey as a man to acces deeper connection, understanding and self-acceptance to liberate  and come back to your home, REMEMBER YOU!  

What results will you get? 

⮙ Increased sexual energy and vitality
⮙ Increase sexual potential and libido
⮙ Increased confidence, power and purpose
⮙ Increased sensation, stamina and pleasure
⮙ More self-awareness and bliss
⮙ Feeling overall happier, healthier
⮙ Feeling more attractive and well within your own skin. 

They already accepted the challenge

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what my clients say:

In this 5-day course, I benefited all the way from grounding to mindful pleasure. In my own words, grounding gives me an initial present state of mind before working on the pleasure journey – sexual breathing, love muscle activation, edging and EJM. As I worked on, it is safe to say I had a long lasting ecstatic pleasure, for hours and hours!

The love muscle activation helps me to ease my body and stay in composure, alone or with future partner someday (I’m flying free at the moment haha). Without this exercise, I definitely won’t last longer.

Sexual breathing is my 2nd favourite lesson. Wow, deep arousal content here! It is described as you look yourself in the mirror, you feel aroused with your looks and start to deeply pleasure yourself. Not even lying, I completely feel my ecstatic state for a long hours during the practice.

EJM and edging are my top favourite lessons! Both allow me to last longer with mindful pleasure. Combined all together, the bedroom earth shaking marathon! Enough said.

I highly recommend every man to take this course for a couple of reasons. Obviously 1st you will be able to last longer in bed, solo or with partner. 2nd, this is to discover your inner sexual energy like never before! And 3rd in my opinion is, it gives you a beauty of yourself. This is just a small part of my journey, definitely look forward for more knowledge from Alexandra.

A wonderful guru!

Hi, I’m Alexandra! Tantric sexuality coach for man 

Alexandra is a coach, hypnotherapist & sexual adventuress facilating online programs to awaken, heal and empower man to dive deeper in sacred sexuality.

In her early twenties she has lived in self-doubt and shame about her sexuality, faced some nasty, unsatisfying and orgasm-free relationships, emotional dramas and lack of confidence when it comes to worthiness.

Through tantra and hypnotherapy she healed her self-sabotaging patterns and social ‘should’s” to live an honest, conscious relationship with herself and others.

After healing she felt it’s time to give back. 

Her No BS, down-to-earth, emphatic approach will support you to evolve and reach your own sexual liberation. 

Ready to become a sex master? 
(whatever that’s looks for YOU!) 

Available for Anyone,

Who is willing to put the work in!

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